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Relax & Enjoy Bowl

Relax & Enjoy Bowl

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The Relax & Enjoy Bowl is perfect for enjoying your favorite food without moving from the place! This innovative product allows you to simply place your food and Phone in the bowl and enjoy. The lazy bowl is perfect for those who want to relax and enjoy their food without the hassle.

You can watch movies while placing your phone on the bowl. 

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Material is Food Grade Plastic,Sturdy and Durable

Shipping & Returns

The Products will be dispatched within 24 -48 hours. You will get updated with the tracking id on their cellphone.

Phone Holder Dimensions

Nut Bowl With Cellphone Holder Slot Compatible With 99% of smartphones ( if case is used,the total thickness must be equal to or less than 13mm//0.51inch) .

Care Instructions

Dishwasher Safe, Sturdy and Durable.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Where has this snack bowl been ALL my life?

This snack bowl is Awesome! I can’t believe I never found it sooner. I’m a sunflower seed fanatic (all nuts really) and this bowl is not only functional it’s also awesome to look at. Enjoy!

Great concept!

My family uses this bowl almost every day, We love sunflower seeds and this bowl saves us from having to carry around two bowls and risk dipping your hand in a bowl of slimy discarded shells. Great idea for a product!

Hasnul Rahman
My husband loves it!

My husband loves pistachios, and he likes to buy the ones in shells so it takes him a little longer to enjoy them. He has a seriously strong "too much" gene, so rather than sit down with a whole bag and make himself sick, he can pour them into here and it fits many fewer nuts due to the size of the shells without him having to think about portioning.

Then the bottom of the bowl houses the shells safely until next time one of us gets up and can throw them away. Very easy to pop apart and toss in the dishwasher and put back together.

Great way to snack

This is great for a eater of pistachios, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and other shelled goodies. The double bowl design allows you to easily discard of shells. It also serves as a strainer for freshly washed fruit. The phone holder works and holds my phone, even with a case on it.
These make great gifts too. You can use this bowl as the base and fill it up with delicious shelled snacks. Everyone loves the gift of snacks!

Worth to buy

It is plastic and easy to wash the bowl. It is great as a gift.: )